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Cashmere, the elegant and expensive fiber, is used in the very best couture for both men and women. This sophisticated fabric comes from an unsophisticated source―goats. It is actually long johns for goats, the fine fleece that develops next to the goat’s skin and insulates them against frigid weather.

The width of a single strand of cashmere is measured in microns. One micron is equivalent to approximately .000039 of an inch. The richest cashmere is considered, “Fine” and is under 16.5 microns. Anything at or above is not as valuable. The bottom line is, the finer the cashmere the more expensive the garment.

In my up coming book Menagerie Ranch: the Miracles and Mayhem of Animal Rescue, I try raising cashmere goats. I learn much about the process, but I don’t make any money.